Nursing Traditions and History in Europe

The Nursing Traditions and History in Europe Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) was developed and produced in a cooperation between UiT – The Arctic University of Norway and / University Hospital of North Norway.

The Nursing Program at UiT The Arctic University of Norway has chosen to highlight nursing tradition and history as a key area in both in teaching, professional development and research. Just as studies of nursing practice and patient experiences today give a significant contribution to professional understanding and expertise, historical studies do the same. We therefore offer a ten ECT course in nursing traditions and history at the master’s program in nursing. This MOOC is an essential part of the course.

Aims of the MOOC

  • To gain an understanding of nursing traditions and history as a source to develop perspective and knowledge
  • To identify some aspects of importance in European societal development in relevant to the emergence of modern nursing; like the spread and occurrence of diseases, medical development, gender relations and religion
  • To give an overview of the historical development of nursing in some countries in Europe
  • To highlight some specific spaces or arenas in which clinical nursing practice and nursing knowledge and competence developed: like the medical institutions, district nursing and wartime nursing

A Guide to the MOOC

Anyone can register for the course and access the material, which is all in English (lectures are in the speaker’s mother tongue, but subtitled in English). You can complete any of the three modules individually, and be awardeda certificate upon completion. Or you can collect all threee module certificates in order to complete the entire course. For more information or to register go to the course Home Page.

Researching British Army Nurses

The Researching British Army Nurses Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) runs from the 6th November to the 17th December. It is a course produced and managed by the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps Association.

Join them to learn researching skills using authentic records about British Army nurses, covering the period from the Victorian wars to more recent times. The course will last six weeks. Each week, they will use archival documents to explore different periods and different aspects of historical research, allowing you to place the information in context and make sense of it. Participants will also have the opportunity to publish their military nursing research on the British Army Nurses website at

Aims of the MOOC

The course covers:

  • Using medal rolls and the challenges of transcription, context, and language.
  • Using newspaper and journal archives, and the ethics of historical research.
  • Using diaries and letters, and military nursing as part of the wider history of women and of nursing.
  • Using photographs and paintings, identifying uniforms and badges.
  • Using the Census and definitions of nurses and nursing.
  • Using The National Archives, Kew, and the importance of corroboration.

Get more information or enrol on the Course Landing Page.